1. Joe Cleen
    Berlin, Germany
  2. Soul Wun
    Newcastle, Australia
  3. Scruscru / Scruniversal Records
  4. Intr0beatz
    Reykjavík, Iceland
  5. Ruff Stuff
    Berlin, Germany
  6. Loure
    Melbourne, Australia
  7. Jad & The
  8. Lowres
  9. Marcel Vogel
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  10. Luvless
  11. Carlo
    Berlin, Germany
  12. Anthony Fade
    Sydney, Australia
  13. Tender Games
    Berlin, Germany
  14. Cassettes For Kids
    Melbourne, Australia
  15. Dj Aakmael (Unxpozd)
    Richmond, Virginia
  16. Tiptoes Tapes
    Glasgow, UK


SlothBoogie London, UK

One of London’s most respected underground electronic music crews, encompassing a DJ collective, record label, radio show & regular party series.

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